Honda Motorcycle First Responder Discount

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Offer valid only for active duty military personnel (active, reserve and retired), veterans with their spouses and first responders presenting verification. Vehicle must be purchased through HFS retail financing, Honda Leadership Leasing or Purchase Plan with verification – not combinable with other offers; please visit dealer for details.

Even with limited financial resources, Honda was determined to expand their market share in America. Motorcycles were becoming more and more popular as an everyday mode of transport; thus meeting this increasing demand, Fujisawa sent Kawashima out west, opening multiple dealerships and increasing sales volume; in June 1959 he even established an office there!

Reaction to Kawashima’s arrival was generally hostile. Critics concluded that Japan, having lost World War II, couldn’t produce products which would sell here. Not one to be deterred, Kawashima set out immediately to establish his network of dealers across Southern California; mailings went out; visits were made directly to shops to promote products; advertisements ran in local trade publications and motorcycle magazines as well.

Honda used Super Cubs as part of their marketing campaign by placing them in sporting-goods stores and retailers that sold camping and outdoor equipment, where they quickly became bestsellers. Furthermore, these popular items proved equally coveted at automobile dealerships where they would often be displayed among new cars for sale.